Bambi Omuyimbi Hajat Madina bibuuza alumbidwa ekilwadde | Emimwa jizimbye


Hajat Madina, the celebrated artist behind the hit song “Bibuuza,” is currently grappling with an unusual health condition that leads to severe swelling of her lips.

Known by her real name, Madina Kansiime Nambooze, she recently shared a heartfelt video with her fans and followers, expressing her frustration and agony caused by this debilitating ailment.


The singer disclosed that every time she undertakes a journey for performances, her upper lip swells to an alarming extent, causing considerable discomfort.

The gravity of her situation has driven her to seek solace in her faith, turning to Allah for guidance and assistance during this challenging period.

As concerns grow among her followers, some have suggested that her condition might be linked to allergies. Fearing the potential consequences of neglecting this issue, they have strongly advised Hajat Madina to promptly seek medical assistance before the condition escalates further and poses a serious threat to her life.

The singer’s admirers are rallying behind her, sending prayers and positive energy as she navigates this mysterious health challenge.


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