“I Am More than a Slayer, I Also Cook Luwombo for My Man”- Anitah Fabiola Redefines Stereotypes From Slay Queen to Domestic Dynamo

Media personality Anitah Kyarimpa Fabiola has shattered stereotypes by showcasing her domestic prowess in a recent Twitter video.

The glamorous slayer, often labeled as a typical slay queen, surprised her followers by actively participating in the preparation of a traditional Buganda dish called “Luwombo.”


Fabiola’s adept cooking skills demonstrated a deep connection to her cultural roots, using Luwombo as a canvas to redefine societal expectations. Her unexpected foray into traditional cooking sparked conversations about breaking away from stereotypical images.

In a playful yet assertive manner, Fabiola issued a warning to those considering Baganda men as partners, emphasizing the importance of learning traditional practices, particularly mastering the art of making Luwombo.

This move signifies a departure from the superficial image of slay queens, showcasing Fabiola as an individual capable of embracing and adapting to traditional responsibilities.

Captioning the video, she stated, “When you’re a slay queen and a Muganda man marries you, prepare to learn how to make Luwombo and everything else the traditional way.”

Anitah Fabiola’s journey with Mark Ronald Mukiibi, whom she married in December 2022, has been a source of inspiration. From a picturesque engagement in the Maldives in 2021 to a private Kuhingira ceremony highlighting their commitment to traditional customs, their story has captivated public attention, proving that Fabiola is more than just a glamorous slayer.


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