Akavuyo mu Enkuuka Tobongoota abayimbi balumizibwa n’abalala ne babakuba obuchupa

The much-anticipated New Year’s Eve celebration at Lubiri, Mengo, known as ‘Enkuuka Tobongoota,’ took an unexpected turn as chaos erupted, leaving both attendees and artists injured.

Notably, popular singer Sheebah Karungi faced disruptions during her performance, hindering the joyful transition into the new year.


On December 31, 2023, at the annual Enkuuka show held at Kabaka’s Palace in Mengo, Sheebah Karungi experienced a setback that prevented her from completing her performance.

Despite eagerly waiting for her turn to grace the stage, the singer’s moment was marred by technical issues and escalating conflicts.

Sheebah recounted the unfortunate incident, stating that as soon as she was granted the opportunity to perform, the sound system malfunctioned, and disturbances broke out on the stage.

Attempting to engage the crowd without proper audio support, she faced challenges in maintaining the festive atmosphere.

A video circulating on social media platforms, including Mbu, captured the moment when Sheebah decided to step away from the stage due to the unfavorable conditions.

In a statement, she expressed her stance against violence, emphasizing that she does not associate with such behavior and believes it is not worth compromising the integrity of an event.

“I sat for some hours before stepping on stage at ENKUUKA YO OMWAKA, then Boom, the sound went off and fights started. If you know me so well, I don’t associate with Violence. It’s NOT WORTH IT. So I LEFT. That’s my story,” revealed Sheebah Karungi.

The incident at Enkuuka Tobongoota not only left a few people injured but also underscored the challenges faced by artists trying to deliver a memorable performance amidst unexpected disruptions.

The aftermath of the chaotic New Year’s Eve show at Lubiri, Mengo, raises questions about event management and the need to ensure a safe and conducive environment for both performers and attendees.


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