Bambi Tom Dee alimu Dwaliro oluvanyuma lwo’kumukuba mu Nkuuka Tobongoota

The New Year’s Eve festivities took a dark turn as Alien Skin, the organizer of the Enkwacho Festival at Wankulukuku Stadium, found himself entangled in a feud with Enkuuka promoter Abtex.

This clash of interests and alleged animosity has raised concerns about the safety and professionalism within the entertainment industry.


Alien Skin took to his Facebook page to share the unsettling turn of events. The Wantama singer revealed that he had initially been booked to perform at Mengo, raising suspicions that the arrangement might have been a deliberate setup to cause harm to him.

In a shocking revelation, he disclosed that his car was vandalized, further complicating the already tense situation.

Expressing remorse to his fans in a heartfelt post, Alien Skin apologized to the people of his hometown, #nkwakyo, for being unable to perform at his own Enkwacho Festival.

He recounted a brutal assault that left him unconscious, hinting that the attack may have been fueled by his association with Alien Skin.

In his statement, Alien Skin denied any involvement in the alleged assault on a person named JJ, contrary to swirling rumors. He emphasized his professionalism and punctuality at the event, suggesting that he had fallen victim to a premeditated scheme.

I acted professional and attended in time… and their whole crew didn’t listen to my innocence. Sorry for what happened to #mr_jj but I wasn’t the one behind it.

They destroyed my cars, so I missed nkwakyo plus other four shows I had on 31st. I thank God for the next chance of life since it was mob justice. Congs bro Alien once again. Tom Dee,”

To further support his side of the story, Tom Dee, through a released video, shed light on part of the scuffle. He even claimed to have pleaded with the police at the venue to detain him, emphasizing that his actions were driven by a desperate need to ensure his safety.

Here I even asked the police myself to detain me to save my life; these are the videos they don’t show you when accusing me. Who did I kill to be treated like this? Who has ever seen me punching anyone?” he wrote, questioning the severity of the accusations against him.

The incident underscores the challenges faced by artists in navigating the complexities of the industry and the importance of fostering a secure environment for all participants in such events.


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