“KASUKU AYAGALA KUNEGALA” Full Figure Issues Warning to Kasuku Amidst Social Media Spat and Unveils Surprising Crush

A subtle but intense social media feud has erupted between controversial artist Full Figure, also known as Jennifer Nakanguubi, and media personality Isaac Katende, popularly referred to as Kasuku.

In a widely circulated TikTok video, Kasuku is heard playfully mocking Full Figure, emphasizing his affection for her pet dog. In a surprising turn of events, Kasuku even jokingly threatens to find a male companion for Full Figure’s dog to ensure it becomes pregnant. However, Full Figure did not take Kasuku’s remarks lightly.


During an appearance on Salt TV, Full Figure, known for her outspoken nature, revealed an unexpected twist in the saga. According to her, Kasuku has been expressing romantic interest in her for several months, making her uneasy with his persistent gaze.

Full Figure disclosed that she felt compelled to alter her wardrobe, opting for more modest attire like overalls, in an attempt to divert Kasuku’s attention away from her chest.

She firmly believes that Kasuku’s remarks about her dog may have been a veiled attempt at expressing his affection towards her.

In a stern warning, Full Figure cautioned Kasuku against making threats and reiterated her discomfort with his alleged advances.

The unexpected revelation has added a layer of complexity to the ongoing social media clash, leaving fans and followers intrigued by the surprising turn of events in the Full Figure-Kasuku saga.


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