KITALO!! Pastor Bujingo bamukubye amasasi nadusibwa mudwaliro, Driver we ye affiridewo

Prominent Ugandan figure, Pastor and businessman Aloysius Bugingo, has reportedly fallen victim to a shooting incident. According to reports, Bugingo was targeted by gunmen while being chauffeured to his residence.

Despite the tragic event, police officials have confirmed that Bugingo was swiftly taken to Mulago National Referral Hospital on Tuesday night.



A reliable source shared, “He is currently receiving treatment at Mulago, and we are diligently working to gather all the facts surrounding the incident.”

Bugingo, known as the Director of Salt Media Group of Companies and the leader of the House of Prayer Ministries International in Makerere, Kikoni, Kampala (also known as Canaan land), has a significant presence in both the business and religious realms.

As this story unfolds, stay tuned for more details to be posted later. This is a developing situation that continues to draw attention and concern.


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