WAS IT A STAGE MANAGED? Charles Rwomushana Questions Circumstances Surrounding Pastor Bugingo’s Shooting

Renowned political analyst and former ISO spy, Charles Rwomushana, has raised concerns about the recent shooting incident involving Canaan Land church proprietor, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. The incident, which occurred last night, left the pastor’s followers in shock after news broke that his car had been targeted by unidentified gunmen.

The attack took place in Nansana municipality as Pastor Bugingo was heading home. Miraculously, the pastor survived with only minor cuts and was promptly taken to Mulago Hospital for treatment.


Unfortunately, his driver, identified as Richard, succumbed to gunshot wounds while en route to the hospital.

Rwomushana, perplexed by the circumstances, questioned how the pastor’s driver, who is a member of the Special Forces Command (SFC), ended up losing his life. According to the political analyst, Bugingo is known to drive himself, adding a layer of mystery to the situation.

Speaking on NBS TV’s Barometer, Rwomushana delved into the broader political landscape of Uganda, suggesting a correlation between politics and violence.

He concluded that the trajectory of Ugandan politics in 2024 might be marked by increased violence and death. Shortly after his analysis, news circulated that Pastor Bugingo had survived an attempted assassination.

“I analyzed that Uganda’s political trajectory in 2024 will be violence and death. And as Zambari was coming to terms with my statement, Pastor Bugingo’s SFC bodyguard was shot dead. Bugingo drives himself. The bodyguard died instantly. For Bugingo…”

Notably, Pastor Bugingo has been vocal in his opposition to NUP leader Bobi Wine, consistently criticizing him in his church sermons.

However, it is crucial to clarify that this is not an insinuation of any connection to the recent incident. The police have stated that investigations are ongoing, and updates will be provided accordingly.


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