In a heartening turn of events, musicians Azawi and Ray G have put an end to weeks of discord following a heated altercation in Mbarara. The tension peaked when Ray G attempted to interrupt Azawi’s performance, causing a rift between the two artists.

The situation escalated further during Ray G’s Nkuuka performance on the 31st of this year when he faced a barrage of bottles from the audience. Allegations surfaced, pointing fingers at Azawi for orchestrating the incident, intensifying the animosity between the musicians.


After weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations between the two camps, a positive resolution has been reached, and the artists have reconciled.

This newfound camaraderie was publicly displayed as they shared a photo together on social media, signaling not only the end of their feud but also a return to amicable terms.

The reconciliation photo has not only brought relief to their fans but has also sparked speculation about a potential collaboration between Azawi and Ray G. Enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the musical synergy that could arise from the union of these talented artists.

The positive development marks a significant step towards healing and unity within the music industry, demonstrating that conflicts can be resolved through dialogue and understanding.

As Azawi and Ray G embark on a new chapter of friendship, their fans can look forward to enjoying their music in harmony once again.


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