Bobi Wine told us to never take Bebe Cool seriously | Mr. Lee Affirms Bobi Wine’s Advice

In a recent media statement, Mr. Lee, one-third of the popular Ugandan musical group B2C, voiced agreement with Bobi Wine’s previous assertion that Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali, has shifted his focus from music to controversial lists, deeming him unserious in the music industry.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with Bebe Cool’s involvement in compiling lists, Mr. Lee criticized the bias apparent in the Bebe Cool List and questioned whether an artist of Cool’s stature should be engaged in such activities.


Bebe Cool should tell us if he’s retired,” remarked Lee, also known as Richard Mugisha. “His only song now is the list. He no longer concentrates on music…”

According to Mr. Lee, Bobi Wine, a longstanding rival of Bebe Cool, had previously cautioned them about Cool’s unserious approach. He alleged that Bebe Cool often makes controversial statements solely to attract media attention.

Bebe Cool is a chaotic man,” Mr. Lee asserted. “Bobi Wine told us sometime back to never take Bebe Cool seriously. But it’s hard not to take him seriously because he talks with a straight face during interviews.”

Despite Bebe Cool’s claims of supporting the music industry through his organization, Gagamel International, Mr. Lee questioned the impact, comparing him to influential figures like Don Jazzy.

Lee highlighted the positive contributions of Jazzy to the Nigerian music industry, contrasting it with what he perceives as Bebe Cool’s lack of substantial influence.

Bebe Cool, in defense of his role, revealed plans to construct houses for artists featured on his list. However, he altered his intentions after feeling undermined by some upcoming talents.

Despite this, artists on the list reportedly receive studio time and access to cameras for music video production, illustrating Bebe Cool’s ongoing commitment to supporting the industry.


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