Kapa Cat Reveals She Is “Very Fertile” This Year

Renowned singer Kapa Cat, whose real name is Katusiime Catherine, has recently disclosed that this year marks a period of heightened productivity for her.

The artist, known for her controversial style, emphasized that anything planted in her creative soil will undoubtedly thrive.


Having made a noteworthy entrance into the music industry a few years ago, Ms Cat has enjoyed a substantial level of success. However, in the previous year, she didn’t release any chart-topping hits.

While the term “fertile” may signify a commitment to working harder and nurturing her talents for greater success, it’s worth noting that Kapa Cat is yet to become a mother. Her statement might also hint at the possibility of embracing motherhood in the coming year.

At the onset of the new year, Kapa Cat took to her social media platforms to express the uniqueness of the year ahead. She declared her openness to anything that promises growth in her professional and personal life.

It’s essential to highlight that some female artists have pleasantly surprised their fans by announcing unexpected pregnancies.

Vinka, for instance, successfully concealed her nine months of pregnancy, revealing the news only after giving birth. Similarly, Karole Kasita welcomed her firstborn last year, delighting her fans with the joyous news.

These artists, including Kapa Cat, have not only embraced motherhood but have also seamlessly returned to the stage with a renewed vigor, inspiring fellow female musicians to navigate their careers with resilience and grace.

Anything planted in me
Shall Grow. 🙏,” she posted.


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