Dr. Hilderman Supports Kenzo’s Perspective, Highlights Bobi Wine’s Lack of Information on Budget

Dr. Hilderman, the Arts Shadow Minister for the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Member of Parliament for Mawokota North, took responsibility for the lack of details in Bobi Wine’s recent speech about the allocated budget for the arts industry.

In a candid video statement, he acknowledged that he failed to adequately advise Bobi Wine, also known as Principal, on the matter.


The controversial Shs13 billion budget is intended to support artists through the Microfinance Support Centre, clarified Hilderman.

Importantly, he emphasized that the funds would not be wired to any specific individual’s bank account, including Eddy Kenzo, and were not exclusively designated for the federation of musicians led by Kenzo.

Dr. Hilderman expressed regret for the oversight, stating, “It’s my bad that I wasn’t able to advise Principal on such a serious issue because he sent me as his minister to represent the music industry and ensure that it’s promoted.” He urged observers not to blame Bobi Wine but rather hold him accountable for the lack of clarity.

Highlighting the purpose of the allocated funds, Dr. Hilderman clarified, “So, don’t blame Principal, blame Kiyaga. I’m guilty of not updating him about how the money was allocated. So the money is not for Eddy Kenzo or a particular group of people. It’s for artistes. And as a shadow minister for arts, I’ve been asking the government to invest in the industry.”

The confusion surrounding the budget emerged when Bobi Wine claimed in December that the government had earmarked Shs30 billion for the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

Eddy Kenzo responded by urging Bobi Wine to employ a research team for accurate information and criticized the misinformation at a level of leadership.

Kenzo also alluded to longstanding issues with Bobi Wine dating back to their time together in Firebase. The clarification by Dr. Hilderman seeks to address the miscommunication and ensure transparency regarding the budget allocation for the arts industry in Uganda.


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