Precious Remmie shows off her baby bump Celebrating New Beginnings

Media personality Precious Remmie, known by her real name Nakiito Rehema, has recently shared a glimpse of her baby bump, sparking excitement among her fans and followers.

This revelation follows a period during which she candidly expressed her frustration with those who incessantly questioned her marital status with her husband, Raymond Bindeeba, asserting that she had no intention of expanding her family.


A mother of one, Precious Remmie welcomed a son during her university days with her then-boyfriend. Despite their subsequent separation, she chose to embrace single motherhood, a role she has fulfilled with dedication.

Upon entering a relationship with Raymond Bindeeba, the couple underwent an official introduction ceremony, solidifying Bindeeba’s role as a father figure to Precious Remmie’s child. Despite their apparent happiness, the journey to expanding their family seems to have posed its own set of challenges.

Speculation about Precious Remmie’s pregnancy arose when a video circulated on social media, capturing her with a discernible baby bump.

While the confirmation of her pregnancy remains unverified, the media personality has left fans eagerly anticipating updates on this potentially joyous development.

As the public awaits official confirmation, Precious Remmie continues to captivate hearts with her radiant glow, symbolizing the anticipation of new beginnings for her and her growing family.


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