“NZE MUNZIJJE MUBIBOOZI BYAMWE” David Lutalo yegaanye ebyo kuyeyereza pastor Bujingo nga akaaba

Renowned singer David Lutalo has unequivocally disassociated himself from a circulating audio that mocks Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, following the pastor’s survival of an assassination attempt where his bodyguard tragically lost his life.

Amid discussions surrounding Pastor Bugingo’s survival, an audio surfaced featuring an imitation of David Lutalo’s voice, singing a song seemingly mocking the pastor.


In response to this controversy, Lutalo addressed the issue during a press conference for his concert, firmly distancing himself from the circulating audio.

Expressing his disapproval, Lutalo criticized the act and called on Ugandans to exercise discernment, urging them to distinguish between moments of joy and occasions for mourning.

Regardless of personal differences, he emphasized his inability to derive joy from another person’s misfortune, even if they were considered his worst enemy.

Lutalo extended his wishes for God’s blessings upon the individual responsible for the audio recording, expressing hope that they would come to realize the consequences of their actions.

In taking this stand, David Lutalo underscores the importance of empathy and compassion in navigating sensitive situations.


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