“I want my Son Alpha to marry a Mukiga woman to Ensure Future Football Success” Bebe Cool vision to Son

In a recent interview on NBS Sport, Bebe Cool opened up about his preference for his son, Alpha Ssali, to marry a Mukiga woman, highlighting his desire to secure a prosperous future for his son’s football career and lineage.

Bebe Cool emphasized his preference for his son to marry within the Mukiga tribe, expressing the belief that the relationships Alpha forms will significantly impact his football aspirations. While acknowledging that his son may have girlfriends in the future, Bebe Cool earnestly hopes that he ultimately chooses a girl from Bukiga land.


The rationale behind this preference lies in Bebe Cool’s perception of the physical strength of Mukiga women. He firmly believes that such a union would produce tall and robust grandsons, drawing inspiration from successful footballers like Erling Haaland.

Bebe Cool sees the choice of a Mukiga wife as a strategic move to ensure that Alpha Ssali’s offspring inherit the physical attributes deemed essential for success in football.

However, this preference raises questions about the potential limitations it may pose, considering that both the spouse and child could be physically small, which might impact their pursuit of success in football in the future. The intricacies of this football-focused strategy prompt further exploration into the logic behind such decisions.


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