‘That garbage,’a wedding ring is the smallest prison” Frank Gashumba says

Renowned philanthropist, businessman, and social commentator, Frank Gashumba, sheds light on a concerning trend in modern relationships. According to him, the rising phenomenon of troubled marriages is largely attributed to women marrying men primarily for their resources rather than genuine love and compatibility.

In a recent statement, Gashumba emphasized the importance of prioritizing personal happiness over societal pressures to conform to traditional marital norms.


He asserted, “You’d rather live a single, happy life than endure the troubles of a mismatched marriage… People are often badly behaved.”

Gashumba pointed out that the root cause lies in the fact that women, particularly young ladies, tend to choose partners based on their readiness for marriage rather than genuine affection.

Drawing on his critical perspective of the institution of marriage, Gashumba highlighted the consequence of such choices, citing a specific example of a married couple who, despite seven years together, lead separate lives within the same household. According to him, they even maintain separate living spaces, including separate refrigerators.

Gashumba attributed this trend to the mismatch in readiness for marriage between men that women date. He argued that women often opt for men who are prepared for marriage, leading to compatibility issues down the line.

Furthermore, Gashumba brought attention to legal implications in certain countries, such as Rwanda, where living together for a specified period can result in the division of assets during separation. He suggested that such regulations encourage couples to consider the authenticity of their relationships.

Frank Gashumba’s unorthodox views on relationships have been a constant source of controversy. Notably, he has previously encouraged women to value men who provide for them, advocating for a shift towards a more balanced and genuine approach to relationships.

In essence, Gashumba’s message calls for a reevaluation of societal expectations surrounding marriage, emphasizing the need for individuals to prioritize love, compatibility, and personal happiness over external pressures and material considerations.


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