“Uganda Doesn’t Deserve You ” Sheilah Gashumba Applauds Dazzling Dance Sensation Ritah Dancehall

Renowned local socialite and media personality Sheilah Gashumba recently showered praises on Ugandan dancer Ritah Dancehall, commending her exceptional talent. Gashumba expressed the belief that Ritah’s skills surpass the boundaries of Uganda and that she deserves more recognition and credit in her home country.

According to Sheilah, Ritah’s dance prowess is on a global level, and Uganda may not fully appreciate the gem they have in their midst. Gashumba went on to state that Ritah Dancehall is a star, expressing her hope that the talented dancer will eventually grace the biggest Dancehall stages worldwide.


Ritah Dancehall has gained widespread recognition as one of Uganda’s most prolific dancers. Her popularity in the entertainment sector has soared as she showcased her exceptional talent on various stages alongside renowned musicians, including Adekunle Gold, Harmonize, and Konshens.

Additionally, she holds the prestigious position of being the official dancer for Ugandan singer Sheebah Karungi.

Known for her vigorous and energetic dance style, Ritah has the ability to captivate audiences and inspire them to hit the dance floor. Her collaborations with artists like Ziza Bafana have further solidified her position in the music industry.

However, Ritah has not been without controversy, with her dance moves drawing criticism for their reliance on eroticism and revealing attire.

The dancer made headlines last year when she engaged in a heated virtual altercation with singer Spice Diana, resulting in her spending some nights in jail. Despite the occasional controversies, Ritah Dancehall continues to shine as a dance sensation, leaving an indelible mark on Uganda’s entertainment scene.

Sheilah Gashumba’s acknowledgment adds to the growing recognition of Ritah’s talent, hinting at the possibility of her making waves on international Dancehall stages in the future.


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