“Men must pay UGX 750k before going on a date with girls” Sheilah Gashumba’s Dating Wisdom

In the world of city nightlife and parties, Sheilah Gashumba, known as a vibrant city party animal, is sharing some valuable advice for young women navigating the dating scene.

Gashumba raises an important point about the financial burdens often placed on women when it comes to preparing for dates. She advocates for mindfulness, asserting that women frequently invest significant amounts of money in grooming, outfits, and other preparations, while men can get away with minimal effort and still be considered presentable.


Expressing her view on the imbalance, Gashumba deems it unfair for women to bear the financial brunt of date preparations, only to end up with a modest meal and no reciprocal effort from their date. She emphasizes that even a simple haircut can significantly enhance a man’s appearance.

To address this issue, Gashumba recommends that women establish a budget for dating expenses, cautioning against overspending.

She specifically suggests allocating approximately $200 (UGX 750,000=) for grooming, clothing, and other preparations, ensuring that women don’t deplete their accounts for a single date.

Gashumba’s primary concern is that women should not find themselves financially strained after a date, especially when their date hasn’t made a comparable investment. She encourages women to prioritize their financial well-being and resist being taken advantage of by those who don’t appreciate the time and effort they invest.

In essence, Sheilah Gashumba’s dating wisdom revolves around empowering women to take control of their finances and set reasonable expectations for reciprocity in the dating realm.


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