“I want to marry Bebe Cool’s daughter Beata ekijja kijje” Musician Vyroota Expresses Intentions

Emerging talent Vyroota, recently recognized as one of the standout performers of 2023 by Bebe Cool, has candidly shared his desire to marry Beata, the daughter of the Gagamel boss.

In a surprising twist, Vyroota proposes that Bebe Cool could express his gratitude for the musician’s hard work by gifting him a vehicle or even offering Beata as a token of appreciation.


The artist, acclaimed for his hit track “Risk,” not only envisions a marital connection but also expresses a commitment to playing a significant role in mentoring Beata in her musical journey if Bebe Cool agrees to his unusual request.

Vyroota argues that the credibility and authenticity of Bebe Cool’s acclaimed list of the best performers would be elevated if tangible gifts were presented to the winners.

This bold suggestion marks a unique perspective on the recognition of talent within the industry, suggesting that beyond accolades, material rewards could enhance the value of such acknowledgments.


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