Mikie Wine’s Ex wife Shazney Khan reveals why she ran away from Mikie Wine

Renowned singer Shazney Khan recently disclosed the reasons behind her decision to end her marriage with fellow singer Mikie Wine. The couple, who had been together for over five years and shared three boys, went their separate ways last year.

Despite Mikie Wine’s financial stability and the comfortable home he provided for their children, Shazney chose to leave. The singer promptly reunited with his high school sweetheart, with whom he now has another child.


Fans have been curious about the cause of the breakup, given Mikie Wine’s apparent stability. However, Shazney shed light on the matter, revealing that alcoholism and ongoing abuse were at the heart of their relationship troubles.

Shazney expressed her desire to create a nurturing family environment for her children but explained that, at times, she had to prioritize her own well-being over that of her kids. She detailed instances of abuse throughout their relationship, prompting her decision to break free.

It’s worth noting that despite the separation, Mikie Wine and his new girlfriend welcomed a child in December 2023. In a surprising display of co-parenting, Mikie Wine shared photos on social media showcasing Christmas celebrations with his elder children from his previous marriage with Shazney.


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