“Nsinga Rema Namakula Obulunji, Just lwakuba ye akozesa Makeup wabeyi” Full Figure believes the reason you think Rema is more beautiful than her

Full Figure contends that your perception of Rema Namakula as more beautiful than herself stems from the belief that Rema invests in pricier makeup and employs professional photographers for the content she shares on social media.

Full Figure has consistently been a controversial figure (no pun intended), making it challenging to discern whether she’s joking or serious. Notably bombastic, she often captivates the media with statements about Kasuku being sexually attracted to her.


The songstress, currently a presenter with Salt TV, hails from Nateete, Kampala. Born Jennifer Namutebi Nakanguubi, she navigated through Jovic Primary School Nalukolongo, St. Matia Mulumba Primary School, Light College Katikamu, and St. Mbaaga’s College.

Despite conflicting information regarding her education, with some interviews suggesting she completed S.6 while other reports indicate she didn’t go beyond Primary Four, Full Figure’s journey to success is marked by resilience. During difficult times, she explored various odd jobs, including hawking maize and clothes.

It was during this period that fate intervened, leading her to Catherine Kusasira. Kusasira, then a member of Eagles Production, hired Full Figure as a sidekick.

Working as an aide to other artists in the band, Full Figure’s introduction to the music scene began. Her debut song, “Mukyakale,” was produced by Dr. Tee.

As Full Figure’s multifaceted story unfolds, the controversy surrounding her persona takes center stage, offering a glimpse beyond the bombast that defines her public image.


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