Faridah Nakazibwe Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors with a Bold Response

Media personality Faridah Nakazibwe has recently addressed rumors circulating about her being heavily pregnant with her third child. In a straightforward response, she refuted the speculations, urging people to focus on their own affairs, as none of them would be the father of her child.

The pregnancy rumors were initially sparked by fellow media personality Kasuku, who suggested that Nakazibwe had left television to concentrate on her pregnancy, husband, and existing children.


However, Nakazibwe has actively shared photos and videos featuring her children, showing no signs of a pregnancy. In response to a fan’s inquiry about her pregnancy, she vehemently denied the rumors, displaying her frustration in a rather sharp and assertive manner.

The incident underscores Nakazibwe’s determination to set the record straight and maintain her privacy amidst unwarranted speculation about her personal life.


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