Beenie Gunter Released from Abu Dhabi Detention but Faces UAE Travel Restrictions

So, here’s the latest scoop on Beenie Gunter, the guy behind the catchy tune ‘Tubaayo.’ Brace yourself because it’s a rollercoaster. Our man has been released from the Abu Dhabi detention center, but there’s a twist – he’s not exactly free as a bird.

Beenie Gunter, or Crescent Baguma if we’re being all official, got himself into a bit of a pickle in Abu Dhabi. Picture this: one moment you’re jamming to ‘Tubaayo,’ and the next, you’re facing off with event promoters. Not the smooth transition he expected, I bet.


The UAE authorities weren’t too pleased about the scuffle, and now they’ve slapped a fine of 5,000 dirhams on our man – that’s roughly 5 million Ugandan shillings. Ouch. As if that’s not enough, they’ve also put a travel ban on him. So, no jet-setting for Beenie any time soon.

He’s got a date with destiny, or rather, the court, set for Monday, January 29, 2024. That’s when we’ll find out the next chapter in this saga.

Now, let’s unpack what happened. Beenie was all set for gigs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but things went south in the latter. A clash with event organizers escalated, leading to some property damage – the kind that leaves a bar owner fuming and eyeing compensation.

This whole mess got me thinking. How did a gig turn into a face-off worthy of a blockbuster movie? Are we witnessing the dark side of the music industry, or is it just one of those crazy mishaps?

Whatever the case, it’s a stark reminder that fame doesn’t always come with a smooth ride. Even our favorite artists can find themselves in hot water when the beats stop and real-life drama takes center stage.

As we wait for the Monday court drama, let’s hope Beenie Gunter’s music will be the only thing making headlines. Fingers crossed for a twist that leads to a harmonious encore.


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