BAMBI!! Chosen Becky’s Emotional Struggle as Son Hrim Kukiriza Faces Health Challenges

Singer Chosen Becky, who became a mother at the age of 17, recently opened up about the health complications her older son, Hrim Kukiriza, has been facing for years.

In a candid revelation on social media, she shared the emotional struggles, sleepless nights, and societal judgment she endured in her home village.


Reflecting on the challenges she faced as a young mother, Chosen Becky expressed how being a parent at 17 was viewed as a curse in her village.

Despite the disapproval and disappointment from her community, she stood strong and raised her son as a single mother. She named him Hrim and vividly described the shared experiences of tears, sleepless nights, and the unique bond they developed.

In a heartfelt post, Chosen Becky recounted the long and emotional journey, acknowledging both the sweet and bitter memories they created together.

She emphasized that the pain they endured has now become priceless sweet memories, shaping her into a good example today.

With love and devotion, Chosen Becky expressed her unwavering affection for her son, declaring that no one could ever replace him. She concluded the post with a declaration of love for her “own creature,” Hrim Kukiriza.

Notably, Chosen Becky also has a second son with her husband and manager, Dictator Amir, whom they welcomed in May 2020. The couple has been in a relationship for five years, and together they are navigating the complexities of parenthood.

In a plea for support, Chosen Becky urged every parent to pray for her son Hrim, seeking strength and solidarity in facing the challenges that lie ahead. The post resonates with a mother’s love, resilience, and the determination to overcome obstacles for the well-being of her child.


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