A Decade of Love: Irene Namatovu and Geoffrey Lutaaya’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

On the 28th of January 2014, the Lutaaya household marked a significant milestone as Irene and Geoffrey Lutaaya joyously celebrated their official union as husband and wife at St. John’s Church of Uganda Kijabweemi in Masaka.

Despite facing a few obstacles along their journey, Irene and Geoffrey’s unwavering commitment and deep love for each other allowed them to overcome challenges and flourish in their marriage. Over the years, their bond strengthened, and they welcomed several children into their growing family.


As the couple commemorated their 10th wedding anniversary on the weekend of January 28th, 2024, they were joined by notable personalities including Bobi Wine, Chosen Becky, B2C Entertainment, Evelyn Namulondo, and many others. Dressed in vibrant green attire, the guests enhanced the celebration, creating an unforgettable experience.

In a heartfelt message shared on her social media, Irene Namatovu expressed gratitude to her husband, Geoffrey, acknowledging him for being a loving partner and father. She thanked him for making her a mother and for effortlessly embracing fatherhood.

Reflecting on their journey, Irene expressed that their solid marriage is a testament to being there for each other during the best and worst moments.

She thanked Geoffrey for sharing his love, inspiring her to be herself, and demonstrating that love is not just something spoken but also shown through actions.

Irene concluded her message by expressing her indescribable love for Geoffrey on their special day, emphasizing that despite the changes over the years, their love has only deepened. She declared her love for Geoffrey and celebrated a decade of excitement in spending the future together.

Happy anniversary sweetheart, Irene Namatovu conveyed, expressing her profound love and gratitude for the ten wonderful years they’ve shared.


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