“Sente zona zenakola mubwa Kadaama emyaka 2 zona bazilya” Phoebe Reveals inspiring Journey from Loss to Forgiveness

Local content creator and media personality, Rebecca Kukiriza, known as Phoebe, has opened up about the heartbreaking experience of losing all her hard-earned “Kyeoyo” money during her time working in Saudi Arabia.

Phoebe gained widespread recognition for her entertaining videos while serving as a housemaid in the UAE. Her popularity paved the way for new opportunities upon her return to Uganda, securing roles such as hosting the “Oluyimba Lwo” lunch hour program on one of the country’s major TV stations, Bukedde.


Despite her success, Phoebe, who recently tied the knot, shared a painful chapter from her past. During her stint in the UAE, she placed her trust in someone, only to discover that they had betrayed her, taking all her repatriated money and leaving her with nothing.

In her journey towards healing and forgiveness, Phoebe turned to her faith, finding solace in the church. She earnestly prayed to God, seeking the strength to forgive the person who had deceived her and consumed the fruits of her hard work. Remarkably, she expressed that she harbored no ill will towards the individual and wished them no harm.

Phoebe’s story serves as a testament to resilience, faith, and the power of forgiveness. Despite facing a significant setback, she has risen above the adversity, using her experience as a source of strength and inspiration for others.

Her ability to forgive reflects a remarkable spirit that goes beyond personal pain, highlighting the importance of compassion and moving forward with grace.


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