“Gwe Kabareeba jangu olabilire embwa yange” Full Figure Attacks Doreen Kabareebe

In a recent exchange of words between socialite Doreen Kabareebe and Full Figure, the latter has taken a strong stance, advising Kabareebe to prioritize her responsibilities, particularly the care of her dog.

This verbal spar was ignited when Kabareebe, in a series of derogatory remarks, likened Full Figure to a toilet. In response, Full Figure did not hold back, labeling Kabareebe as a person of questionable character, asserting that her contributions to the country are limited to questionable activities.


Full Figure went on to describe Kabareebe in strong terms, suggesting that her sole focus is on commercializing herself in a manner that lacks substance.

According to Full Figure, individuals like Kabareebe should not be granted the privilege of unrestricted access to social media due to their perceived lack of positive influence.

This heated exchange sheds light on the ongoing tensions within certain celebrity circles, as personal conflicts spill over into the public domain.

As fans and followers react to the feud, the broader conversation may prompt reflections on the responsible use of social media and the impact of public figures on society.


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