Muganda wa Bobi Wine, Banjo Man awadde Bebe Coll amagezi ave mubyokuyimba

In a surprising turn of events, Banjo Man, the younger brother of Bobi Wine and a fellow musician, has gently suggested that Bebe Cool, the Gagamel boss, should contemplate retiring from the music scene.

Banjo Man expressed his viewpoint, highlighting Bebe Cool’s extensive two-decade-long tenure in the industry, implying that there may be limited creative avenues left for him to explore.


In a constructive tone, Banjo Man encouraged Bebe Cool to diversify his interests by exploring alternative business ventures or possibly making a transition into the corporate world—a path successfully undertaken by the likes of Afrigo Band and singer Eddy Yaawe.

These remarks from Banjo Man were sparked by Bebe Cool’s earlier comments, wherein he asserted that members of the Kyagulanyi family lack talent. Instead of engaging in a war of words, Banjo Man opted for a more forward-looking approach, urging Bebe Cool to consider new opportunities and contribute his skills and experience beyond the music realm.

This unexpected exchange between the two musicians opens up discussions about the evolution of artists’ careers, the need for reinvention, and the potential for positive collaborations in the future.

As fans await responses from both sides, the unfolding narrative invites contemplation on the diverse paths artists can take in their journey towards personal and professional growth.


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