HOOO!! Laba Kadaama kyeyekoze mu Bed Space

In a shocking video circulating on social media, a Ugandan kadama finds herself in a precarious situation after allegedly deceiving a man for an extended period.

The footage reveals a tumultuous encounter between the two, shedding light on a relationship built on falsehoods.

The man claims to have been promised a certain treatment by the kadama, vowing that when they finally meet, he will make her regret her actions.

Upon his arrival at her place, the woman appears visibly distressed, desperately seeking forgiveness and pleading not to be mistreated.

Undeterred by her pleas, the man, armed with his phone camera, records the unfolding events. He urges her to come clean and open up, alluding to consequences for her actions. The video, however, concludes without revealing the promised revelation.

While the specifics of the revenge remain undisclosed, it is evident that the man felt compelled to expose the kadama’s deceit. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of dishonesty in relationships, with the video becoming a testament to the unraveling of a deceptive narrative.


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