“KINO EKISAJJA TEKILINA MAGEZI” Shakib’s baby mama attacks him and Zari over her abandoned child

In a surprising turn of events, Shakib Lutaaya, the husband of the renowned businesswoman and socialite, Zari the Bosslady, is facing serious accusations from his baby mama.

Their union, which was celebrated in a low-key manner late last year, is now under scrutiny as allegations of Shakib’s apparent absence and indifference towards their shared child come to light.

The couple had kept their wedding relatively private, with only a few glimpses shared on social media. Despite the apparent joy surrounding their union, recent statements from Shakib’s baby mama suggest a less-than-ideal situation for their child.

According to the disgruntled baby mama, Shakib has been labeled as “useless,” with accusations that their son is facing bullying and abuse on social media due to his father’s neglect.

Despite expressing their desire to expand their family, the allegations indicate a significant discrepancy in Shakib’s involvement in the lives of the children from their respective previous relationships.

Zari the Bosslady, who is a mother of five from two different relationships, seems to be taking a more active role in parenting, especially with Shakib’s child.

The contrast in their parenting roles has led to a strained situation, with the baby mama claiming that Shakib’s absence and perceived uselessness are negatively impacting their son’s well-being.

It remains to be seen how the couple will address these allegations and whether they can navigate through the challenges in their relationship.

The public awaits further insights into the dynamics of Shakib and Zari the Bosslady’s family life, hoping for a resolution that prioritizes the well-being of all the children involved.



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