Chosen Becky Reveals Why Her Nose Has Reduced In Size

In a heartwarming revelation, the exceptionally talented songstress, Chosen Becky, known offstage as Kwikiriza Rebecca, has shared the delightful reason behind the reduction in the size of her nose.

She attributes this positive transformation to the abundant love showered upon her by her devoted boyfriend and baby daddy, Dictator Amir.


Chosen Becky, upon entering the music industry, faced unwarranted criticism about her appearance, particularly targeted at her nose. Social media became a platform where users, inconsiderately, commented on her facial features, deeming her less beautiful.

Undeterred, Chosen Becky decided not to view this as an insult but rather embraced her unique features, even incorporating them into her social media content.

Her TikTok videos, where she proudly showcases her nose, emphasize its role in capturing the heart of her loving boyfriend.

According to Chosen Becky, the immense love she receives has not only filled her life with joy but has also played a role in the noticeable reduction of her nose size since her foray into the music scene.

In her own words, she expresses gratitude for the positive changes in her appearance, stating, “People who have been watching me know that my nose has reduced in size.

It is all because of the love that my husband showers me with. If it continues like this, by 2030, I will be having a nose like that of whites.”

Chosen Becky’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of love and self-acceptance. In the face of adversity, she chose not only to embrace her unique features but also to celebrate them.

The supportive love from Dictator Amir has not only strengthened their relationship but has also left a positive impact on Chosen Becky’s self-esteem, creating a narrative of empowerment and beauty beyond societal norms.


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