Hellen Lukoma Extends Support to Troubled Duo, Kataleya & Kandle

Renowned songstress Hellen Lukoma has recently extended a heartfelt offer of guidance and support to the distressed female duo, Kataleya & Kandle, signaling a reconciliation despite past differences.

Last year, Lukoma and the duo experienced disagreements, but the singer has chosen to put aside any grievances, reaching out to offer her assistance and counsel amid the challenging situation they face with their management.


Amidst reports of the duo’s tumultuous fallout with Theron Management, Hellen Lukoma addressed the situation, stating, “If whatever I am hearing is true about them, they should seek my advice. I have their advice. I will advise them in private, not public. I can imagine what they are going through is hard.” These compassionate sentiments were shared by Lukoma during a recent appearance on a local TV channel.

In the past week, Kataleya & Kandle have been navigating a difficult period following their separation from Theron Management. The talented songstresses are currently grappling with the aftermath of the managerial split, with Lukoma’s offer of support adding a hopeful note to their challenging journey.


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