Omyimbi Victor Ruz afunye akabenje kemotoka e’Bweyale ku Gulu road

Last night, the fast-rising singer Victor Ruz, whose real name is Wajja Victor, experienced a harrowing ordeal as he, along with his two managers, miraculously survived a car accident.

The distressing news was shared by the singer himself through his Facebook story, where he posted a video revealing their car in a broken-down state with a damaged bonnet.


The exact cause of the accident remains unknown, as Victor Ruz did not provide further details in his initial post. The incident involving their vehicle, registered as UBL 242L, occurred in Bweyale along Gulu Road. The Benz car was visibly stranded on the roadside, with the team attempting to restore its functionality.

In the video, Victor Ruz could be seen desperately seeking assistance from anyone nearby. The current health condition of Victor Ruz and his two managers is uncertain as of now, and it remains unclear whether they received the urgent help they needed.

Rest assured, we will keep you posted with more details as information about the incident and their well-being becomes available.

In a plea for help, Victor Ruz shared, “Dear friends, I regret to inform you that my two managers and I were involved in an accident on Bweyale-Gulu Road.

If anyone is in the vicinity, please, we are in dire need of assistance. We are not in a good state.” Our thoughts are with Victor Ruz and his team during this challenging time, and we hope for a swift and complete recovery.


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