BITABUSE!! Comedian Maulana bamutwaala mu kooti lwakulagajalila baana be basatu

Maulana Kasozi, a well-known comedian famous for his role in the comedy duo Maulana and Reign, is currently under scrutiny for alleged child neglect.

Nalugya Shubira Betty, the mother of Maulana’s three children, claims that the comedian has neglected his fatherly duties for the past nine months.


According to Nalugya, whenever Maulana Kasozi visits her home, he prioritizes engaging in sexual activities before providing a meager amount of money, usually Ugx 10 or 5K, for child care.

When she refused to partake in such affairs, Maulana insisted on taking custody of the children, a request she declined, citing their young age. The matter reached the family court at Mwanga II, where a final decision was made.

Maulana was ordered to pay Nalugya Ugx 15K daily for child care and contribute towards their rent. While he initially fulfilled the rent obligation for three months (June, July, and August of the previous year), he has since stopped.

Nalugya now faces a challenging situation as her landlord demands three months’ rent, putting her at risk of eviction, especially with her children’s impending return to school. Currently, Maulana is evading capture, and the court has authorized an arrest warrant.

In a phone interview with Bukedde TV, Maulana admitted to not fulfilling his fatherly duties but maintained that he had requested custody of the children, a request Nalugya refused.

This isn’t the first time Nalugya and Maulana’s issues have grabbed headlines; they had a falling out in 2022, but Mama Fiina later reconciled them.

The unfolding situation raises concerns about the well-being of the children and highlights the complexities of their strained relationship.


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