BITIISA!! Engeli Eyali mukyaala wa Maulana jeyali amuddamu obutya

In a surprising turn of events, Comedian Maulana from the renowned duo Maulana and Reign has grabbed the attention of social media with startling revelations.

In a recent video post, Maulana disclosed that he narrowly escaped a poisoning attempt by his ex-baby mama and wife, who also contemplated suicide.


The controversy unfolded when Maulana’s baby mama went public, alleging that the comedian had not been adequately caring for their three children.

In response, Maulana expressed his desire to always be there for his children, but he questioned the parenting abilities of his ex-baby mama.

Despite acknowledging the complexity of his situation, Maulana emphasized that he is facing numerous challenges that may not be fully understood by the public.

The comedian’s candid disclosure has ignited a wave of discussions on social media, with fans and followers expressing concern and curiosity about the intricacies of his personal struggles. As Maulana grapples with the complexities of his personal life, the public remains eager to unravel the full story behind the shocking revelations.

Assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Iam maulana kasozi I have been accused by my X wife of not taking responsibility of my wife . But the woman yo accusing of z not human Yali ayagaddeko okumpa obutwa naye kenyini naabweewa. A person like that z not capable Of being with littles ones here I took her to the hospital lubaga where they referred me to butabika but when I went to mengo court, they never listened to me or any of my documents. I wouldn’t have posted this but nange nkoowa nga omuntu,” Maulana posted


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