I am Still Recovering from Loss, Pain, and the Unwavering Bond with Radio – Weasel Opens Up

In a candid interview with Spark TV, renowned musician Weasel bared his soul, sharing the lingering fears and challenges he faces since the tragic passing of his singing partner, Radio, in February 2018.

Weasel disclosed that he continues to grapple with pain and adversity, emphasizing that the unique connection he shared with Radio remains unmatched.


The void left by Radio’s absence has proven to be an ongoing struggle for Weasel, who expressed the difficulty in finding someone who holds a similar place in his heart.

Addressing persistent inquiries regarding his relationship with Radio’s mother and the entire family, Weasel issued a stern warning, urging individuals to refrain from probing into this sensitive matter.

He emphasized that such connections are deeply personal and should be respected as matters strictly between the two families.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Weasel remains steadfast in his belief that Radio has found solace in the embrace of God.

This revelation provides a glimmer of hope amid the musician’s ongoing journey to regain strength and confront the shadows of loss that continue to cast a pall over his life.


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