Chosen Becky finally Introduces Her new born Son to the World. So adorable!

In a heartwarming revelation, the talented songstress Chosen Becky, known by her real name Kwikiriza Rebecca, has proudly shared the first glimpse of her recently born baby boy.

The arrival of this precious addition marks the third child for Chosen Becky, and notably, the second with her current beau, Dictator Amir.

The couple’s journey began when they first crossed paths in the music industry, with love blossoming and resulting in the joyous news of Chosen Becky’s pregnancy early in their relationship. Since then, their bond has only strengthened, both in the public eye and through tangible, unwavering support for each other.

Throughout the years spent together, Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir have consistently stood by one another, not only through social media declarations of affection but also through tangible, real-life support.

Their commitment to each other was exemplified when they welcomed their first child as a couple, choosing to keep their son’s presence off social media until he reached the age of two.

In a departure from their previous approach, Chosen Becky has decided to share the joy of their newest family member with the world at just a few months old.


The artist took to her social media platforms to showcase delightful photos of the entire family, radiating happiness and warmth.

The images capture the beauty and adorableness of Chosen Becky’s children, highlighting the undeniable joy that emanates from their shared moments.

The decision to introduce their youngest member to the public at an early age reflects the couple’s evolving openness and the celebration of the precious moments that make their family complete.


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