“I’m done dating beautiful women” – Omugaga Lwasa yekyaaye

Emmanuel Lwasa, a prominent tycoon known for his eventful love life, is making headlines once again as he announces a significant shift in his dating criteria.

In a candid interview with Urban TV, Lwasa revealed his intention to pursue relationships exclusively with women whom he deems unattractive, prioritizing qualities such as hard work over physical appearance.


Expressing his newfound perspective, Lwasa explained, “I feel now that if I can get myself an ugly woman, but one that’s hard-working, I would be good to go.”

He cited his past experiences with beautiful women, noting the complexities and challenges that often accompany such relationships. “Beautiful women are full of problems,” he remarked, acknowledging his previous weakness for outward beauty.

Reflecting on his past relationships, Lwasa shared insights into his tumultuous marriage with ex-wife Angel Kwakunda. Recounting instances of betrayal and deceit, he recounted how Kwakunda allegedly stole money from him, leading to their eventual separation.

Lwasa’s elder children, he revealed, played a pivotal role in removing Kwakunda from their marital home, citing her behavior as unacceptable.

Further shedding light on his past romantic entanglements, Lwasa disclosed details about his relationship with Desire Luzinda, a US-based singer. Praising Luzinda’s maturity and sophistication, he reminisced about their time together, highlighting her urban upbringing as a distinguishing factor.

As Lwasa embarks on this new chapter in his love life, his unconventional approach to romance sparks intrigue and speculation.

While his decision to prioritize character over appearance may raise eyebrows, it signals a departure from his previous dating patterns and a commitment to seeking meaningful connections beyond superficial attributes.


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