Rema Namakula ayogedde jeyajja BIG Nyanshi

Singer Rema Namakula has been turning heads with her confidence and the striking figure she proudly flaunts on social media.

Recently, she revealed the source of her big “Nyash,” attributing it to the love and care she receives from her current husband and father of her daughter, Aaliyah.


Prior to her current marriage, Rema Namakula was married to Eddy Kenzo for five years, with whom she shares a child. Following their separation, she embarked on a new chapter in her life, finding happiness in her current relationship.

According to Rema Namakula, her marriage has brought her unparalleled happiness. She expresses gratitude for her husband’s unwavering love, not only for her but also for her child from a previous relationship.

In response to the attention her figure receives, Rema Namakula emphasizes the peace and contentment she finds in her current relationship. She urges people to understand that her glow stems from the harmony she experiences.

It’s important to note that Rema Namakula is a mother of two, with one child from her previous relationship and another from her current marriage.

“I don’t know why people comment about my friend Nyash that much. People need to know that I am very peaceful where I am and that is the reason I have been glowing,” Rema Namakula said, echoing her sentiments on her contentment and happiness in her current marital bliss.


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