Pastor Bugembe revealed how Rema helped him through heartbreak : A Heartwarming Bond

At a recent press conference, Pastor Bugembe opened up about a special connection that has sustained him through tough times, particularly during a period of heartbreak years ago.

Reflecting on his past, Bugembe shared how the renowned Gutujja Singer, Rema, played a pivotal role in helping him navigate through a challenging episode of depression triggered by a painful breakup.


“There was a situation I was going through… there was a girl who dumped me, whom I thought I was ready to settle down with. I suffered depression, which is something I never thought about,” Bugembe recounted, his voice tinged with vulnerability.

“But Rema took me aside and counseled me, and she managed to revive my spirit,” he added, gratitude evident in his words.

Despite enduring societal pressures to marry, the 39-year-old gospel artist and prominent church leader remains single. Yet, he finds solace in the enduring support of friends like Rema.

Amidst accolades, Bugembe took a moment to commend Namakula for her enduring presence in the music industry, recognizing her ability to stay relevant over the years.

“I thank you for sticking around and keeping the candle burning. We thank God for that because after 10 years in music, it is hard to remain relevant,” he expressed sincerely.

Bugembe’s sentiments were shared during a press conference where Namakula announced her upcoming 2024 concert, “Melodies of Love,” scheduled for February 25th at the Kampala Sheraton.

The bond between Bugembe and Namakula dates back to the early 2010s, a time when both artists were emerging in their music careers.

Notably, Namakula featured as a vixen in the music video for Bugembe’s ‘Mpangira’ song, marking the beginning of a friendship rooted in mutual support and respect.


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