“I want my grandkids” Mowzey Radio’s dad George Kateeba Asiimwe’s Plea to Connect with Radio’s Legacy

In the wake of the tragic passing of the Goodlyf Crew singer in 2018, George Kateeba Asiimwe emerged, claiming his paternity, and now, on the sixth anniversary of Radio’s death, he speaks out, expressing his earnest desire to connect with his grandchildren.

Reflecting on the past, Asiimwe reveals the pain of being kept away from his son’s life until his untimely demise. He voices his longing to at least meet his grandchildren, a wish that has been elusive since Radio’s passing.


“I was never in my son’s life… I never even got to bury him because Jane (Radio’s mother) deployed the military at the funeral. If I had gone there, I would be in prison today,” Asiimwe shares, his words heavy with emotion.

“What I want is to meet my grandchildren… I want to be able to take them to their ancestral place in Fort Portal so they can meet their family,” he adds, emphasizing his desire for familial connection.

Despite his attempts to reach out, Asiimwe recounts his challenges in initiating contact with Lilian Mbabazi, Radio’s partner and mother of his children. Yet, he remains hopeful for a chance to bridge the gap.

“I called Mbabazi some time back, and she said she was going to call me back,” he reveals, underscoring his efforts to establish communication.

Asiimwe, who works as a commuter taxi driver, shares that he has a total of 12 children from different mothers. He recalls meeting Jane Kasubo, Radio’s mother, during her stay at a hotel where he was employed in Fort Portal.

Throughout Radio’s life, questions surrounding his paternity remained unanswered. Raised by his Aunt Sylvia Nakinjitte, the singer kept this aspect of his life private, leaving a lingering mystery that now surfaces in the wake of his passing.


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