Bambi laba Engeli KADAAMA Josephine Agadi jeyeje mubulamu nga yakakomawo okuva kukyeeyo

In the wake of the devastating loss of Josephine Agadi, who tragically met her end at Paliisa Hospital last week following a distressing suicide attempt in Paliisa District, new details have emerged shedding light on her heartbreaking ordeal.

In an exclusive interview with this platform, Mr. Simon Opio, the father of the deceased, bravely shared poignant insights into his daughter’s final moments, revealing that she succumbed to her injuries shortly after returning from Saudi Arabia, where she had been employed as a housemaid.


According to records, Agadi commenced her journey to Saudi Arabia on April 29, 2022, under a two-year contract as a housemaid. Her employment package included a monthly salary of 900 Saudi Riyal (approximately UGX 900,000), in addition to provisions such as food, clothing, and medical insurance.

Despite her tenure abroad, Agadi had not lodged any complaints with the recruiting agency regarding her employers, indicating her contentment with her employment, a sentiment echoed by her father.

Mr. Opio recounted his daughter’s departure from Uganda in 2022 through a labor recruitment agency, followed by her placement with a family as a housemaid. He emphasized that Agadi had never mentioned experiencing any physical abuse from her employer and had consistently sent money back to her family.

After spending 21 months in the Middle East, Agadi contacted her recruiting agency on January 15, 2024, expressing her desire to terminate her contract due to stress and a longing to return home. Adhering to protocol, the agency advised her to communicate her intentions to her Saudi Arabian employer.

Subsequently, Agadi and her employers reached a mutual agreement to terminate her contract, with Agadi confirming to the recruiting agency that she had received all her entitlements.

On January 29, 2024, Agadi informed the recruiting firm that she was being escorted to the airport for her return journey, with her ticket provided by her employer.

However, upon her safe arrival at Entebbe International Airport on January 30, Agadi’s journey took a tragic turn, leading to her eventual arrival at Ntinda Police Station under distressing circumstances.

While specifics regarding Agadi’s transportation from the airport to the police station remain unclear, Mr. Opio received a distress call from the police urging him to collect his daughter.

Agadi’s condition rapidly deteriorated, culminating in her passing the following day after a failed suicide attempt, eliciting an outpouring of grief from her family and community.

Confirming these events, Ntinda Police Station acknowledged receiving Agadi on January 30 from an unidentified boda boda operator, along with her luggage. Investigations into the incident are ongoing, with authorities diligently working to unravel the full extent of the circumstances surrounding Agadi’s tragic demise.


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