Wunno Timothy Lukyamyuzi abye Mukyaala we ebintu byona ebyomunju nga yakava Okwanjula

A joyous celebration turned into a nightmare for a family in Uganda as their sister fell victim to a shocking betrayal by her boyfriend, Timothy Lukyamyuzi.

The family had eagerly organized a colorful and memorable Kukyala ceremony upon their sister’s boyfriend’s expressed intention to visit their home.


With anticipation and happiness, they welcomed Lukyamyuzi and his family members, overlooking the modest offerings brought for the occasion.

However, what ensued was a harrowing ordeal that shattered their trust and left them reeling.

Shortly after the Kukyala, Lukyamuzi requested spare keys to their sister’s apartment, ostensibly to facilitate future visits. Trusting in the budding relationship, the sister handed over the keys without hesitation.

Tragically, the next day unfolded as a nightmare when the sister returned from work to discover that her apartment had been ransacked.

Lukyamuzi, whom they had welcomed into their home with open arms, had orchestrated a callous betrayal, organizing a lorry to haul away all her valuable possessions, including her hard-earned savings.

Despite their desperate attempts to locate the perpetrator, including filing a report at Kanyanya Police Station, the boyfriend remains elusive, leaving the family grappling with shock, anger, and a profound sense of betrayal.


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