“NANGE NJAGALA DWALIRO” Ziza Bafana Yegasse ku Gravity Omutujju okusaba Bobi WIne Edwaliro

Dancehall sensation Ziza Bafana has thrown his weight behind Gravity Omutujju’s plea for Bobi Wine to address the demand for a hospital. Bafana emphasized the potential benefits to both Bobi Wine and the NUP party should such a hospital come to fruition.

According to Bafana, Bobi Wine stands to gain increased popularity and support from the masses by taking on the responsibility of building the hospital. He stressed that the public would greatly appreciate directly benefiting from Bobi Wine’s efforts.


In further support of the idea, Bafana suggested that naming the hospital after Bobi Wine himself or the NUP party would strengthen the connection with NUP supporters and enhance its significance within the community.

“Bobi Wine should consider building the hospital because it will ultimately benefit him. By bringing hope to people through tangible actions, he stands to gain massive support. I believe it could be named Kyagulanyi or NUP Medical Centre,” Bafana expressed.

Bafana’s remarks come in response to Gravity Omutujju’s proposal for Bobi Wine to donate land for the establishment of the medical center at Busabala Beach, underscoring a growing consensus within the music industry regarding this pressing issue.


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