NAYE AN NANYINI TAKA LYEBUSABALA OMUTUUFU? DJ Erycom and Gravity Omutujju confuse Ugandans

Social media is abuzz with the tale of a brewing conflict between DJ Erycom and Gravity, both vying for ownership of land in Busabala. As the dispute unfolds, the truth remains elusive, leaving spectators questioning who truly holds the deed to the contested property.

Gravity Omutujju ignited the controversy by launching a campaign to establish a hospital in Busabala, appealing to local figure Bobi Wine for financial support. However, supporters of Bobi Wine expressed dismay at Gravity’s request, insisting that such initiatives should be the responsibility of the government, not private individuals like Bobi Wine.


Asserting his intentions to lead by example, Gravity showcased land purportedly earmarked for the hospital project. Yet, DJ Erycom swiftly intervened, asserting his ownership of the land and challenging Gravity to produce evidence supporting his claim.

Undeterred by the dispute, Gravity persisted in his efforts to develop the land for the hospital, despite the cloud of uncertainty shrouding its ownership.

As tensions escalate and conflicting narratives abound, the true proprietorship of the Busabala land remains shrouded in ambiguity, leaving onlookers intrigued and perplexed.


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