Chosen Becky Surprises Dad with Valentine’s Trip to Europe

Amidst the romance of Valentine’s Day, Singer Chosen Becky is orchestrating a heartwarming surprise for her father, Mzee Kwikiriza, by whisking him away to Europe. Their destination?

The charming city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where Becky will not only serenade audiences with her hit songs but also celebrate love on stage.


Becky joyfully confirms that all arrangements have been made, with travel documents secured for their flight scheduled on February 17 next week.

Despite conflicting engagements, organizers in the Netherlands graciously accommodate their delayed arrival, ensuring they won’t miss out on the festivities.

For Mzee Kwikiriza, this journey marks an unforgettable milestone as he prepares to board a plane for the very first time. Overflowing with anticipation, he eagerly anticipates the breathtaking sights from above, expressing a deep reverence for the beauty of God’s creation.

A man of profound faith, Mzee Kwikiriza reflects on his longstanding desire to explore beyond his homeland, cherishing the opportunity to fulfill this dream with his daughter by his side.

Recalling past moments at the airport bidding farewell to loved ones, he remains grateful for the chance to embark on his own adventure.

Meanwhile, for Becky, this journey is a poignant realization of her childhood dreams and a heartfelt gesture to bring joy to her parents.

Having witnessed their relentless efforts to provide despite humble beginnings, she embraces this opportunity to shower them with the care and luxury they deserve.

Reflecting on her journey to success, Becky marvels at the fulfillment of her aspirations, from youthful dreams of prosperity to now sharing her blessings with her family. Last year, she made her mother’s dream come true with a trip to Germany, further cementing her commitment to family and gratitude for her achievements.

As they embark on this voyage together, Becky and Mzee Kwikiriza embody the essence of love, family, and dreams fulfilled, inspiring all to cherish the moments that truly matter.


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