Eddy Kenzo Yawasa dda alina nabaana abalala ebya Rema Namakula Yebivaako Dda

In a candid revelation, Eddy Kenzo sheds light on his marital status, confirming that he is indeed married and a father to more children beyond Aamaal and Maya Musuuza.

Since parting ways with fellow singer Rema Namakula, speculation about Eddy Kenzo’s romantic entanglements with various women, including singers Carol Nantongo and Lydia Jazmine, has been rife.


Despite denials from both Kenzo and the alleged partners, the public’s curiosity regarding his current relationship status has persisted.

In an exclusive interview with BB TV, Eddy Kenzo clarifies that he is not single but is not ready to introduce his family to the limelight.

He reveals the existence of additional children, including a son, in addition to the two well-known daughters, Aamaal and Maya Musuuza.

Kenzo attributes his decision to keep his family out of the public eye to past relationship experiences and the importance of safeguarding his children’s privacy.

He believes that shielding them from the spotlight allows them to lead normal lives, focus on their education, and navigate childhood without the added pressures of fame.

By prioritizing his family’s privacy, Eddy Kenzo underscores his commitment to providing a nurturing environment for his children, away from the glare of public scrutiny.


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