Minister Kahinda Otafiire Mocks Muhoozi, Reveals Why He’ll Never Become President Of Uganda

Outspoken Internal Affairs Minister and bush War Hero Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire has pushed back against accusations of harboring animosity towards Muhoozi Keinerugaba, the first son and President Museveni’s Advisor on special operations.

The ongoing criticism, recently highlighted in verbal sparring involving Kasambya legislator David Kabanda and Otafiire’s son, along with online exchanges, suggests that Otafiire opposes Muhoozi’s presidency rather than disliking him personally.


In a widely circulated video, Minister Otafiire made it clear that his opposition is not directed at Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba as an individual but is rather about his suitability for the presidency. He emphasized, “I hear people say Kahinda hates Museveni’s son, he hates Muhoozi Keinerugaba.

I don’t hate Keinerugaba as a person, I don’t want him as a president. There is a difference. I have no problem with Keinerugaba as Museveni’s son, but Keinerugaba as the president of Uganda, I don’t support that. I’m very open on that one.”

His remarks come amidst the transition of Muhoozi’s MK Movement into the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU), an event attended by several NRM members of parliament and key Museveni ministers, including Vice National Chairman Eastern Capt Mike Mukula.

The rebranding of Muhoozi’s MK movement to PLU, endorsed by Museveni and NRM members, has sparked varied reactions. Many view it as part of Museveni’s political strategy leading up to the 2026 general elections, where indications suggest he’ll seek to extend his rule to 45 years.


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