ESANYU!! Finally Bad Black ali lubuta lwa Asher

In a heartwarming revelation, city socialite and former convict, Bad Black, has shared the delightful news of her pregnancy with boyfriend Asher, marking a significant milestone in their five-year relationship.

The expectant Mrs. Black expressed her excitement, declaring this year as the long-awaited time for them to embrace parenthood together after half a decade of companionship.


While acknowledging the age difference between herself and Asher, with him being five years her junior, Bad Black highlighted that he has no children from previous relationships, unlike herself, who is a mother of four, each from different fathers. Despite the absence of the children’s biological fathers in their lives, she emphasized the pivotal role Asher plays as a father figure to them.

Addressing past speculations and doubts surrounding her pregnancy claims, Bad Black reassured fans on social media of the authenticity of her current pregnancy, quashing any skepticism by affirming that she is indeed expecting.

The couple radiates joy at the prospect of welcoming their first child together, signaling a new chapter of happiness in their lives.

Reflecting on her relationship with Asher, Bad Black professed admiration for his unwavering love and understanding, citing him as a rare gem among the men she has known.

Despite their age disparity, she lauded Asher’s maturity and unconditional acceptance, highlighting his love for her beyond material expectations.

As Bad Black eagerly anticipates the arrival of their bundle of joy, her sentiments echo a profound gratitude for the loving companionship and support she has found in Asher, reaffirming their shared journey towards building a family filled with love and devotion.


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