GRAVITY OMUTUJJU ALI MUMAZIGA | Bobi Wine amukubye Youtube Copyright Strike kuluyimba lwe olwa ‘Doboozi Lya Mutuuze’

The feud between Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine has escalated to new heights as Bobi Wine issues a copyright strike against Omutujju’s latest track, ‘Doboozi Lya Mutuuze,’ resulting in its removal from YouTube and putting Omutujju’s channel in jeopardy of deletion.

The contention stems from accusations that Gravity had utilized Bobi Wine’s song ‘Kiwaani’ without proper authorization, incorporating the same melody.


This development comes after a month of simmering tension between the two artists, during which Gravity had persistently called on Bobi Wine to allocate a portion of his land in Busabala for a hospital construction project.

Frustrated by the deadlock, Gravity took matters into his own hands and released ‘Doboozi Lya Mutuuze,’ a blistering track directly aimed at Bobi Wine.

The removal of the song from YouTube has left Gravity Omutujju seething with anger. He took to social media to express his frustration, posting, “Wabula akatengo nga bwebakogera kadala.

Now see the person who wants change. Because my song talks about greedy people and thieves, you have decided to pull it down!”

As the YouTube battle ensues, fans are eagerly observing the clash between these two influential figures in Ugandan music. Only time will reveal the repercussions of this copyright dispute on the careers of Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine.


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