VIDEO Ebyo’muvubuka eya disapontize girl friend we ku Valentine tebinagwa

A heartwarming Valentine’s Day surprise took an unexpected turn when a young man shocked his girlfriend and viewers alike by rejecting her thoughtful gesture and abruptly leaving the scene.

In a video capturing the moment, the girlfriend entered with balloons in hand, accompanied by a lively entourage playing drums.


However, instead of the anticipated joy, the boyfriend’s reaction was one of disbelief and discomfort. Without a word, he stood up and walked away, leaving his girlfriend behind, who desperately clung to his shirt, pleading for his attention.

The video, accompanied by a caption expressing regret for the unforeseen outcome, was shared online, sparking a flurry of reactions from netizens.

Opinions varied widely, with some expressing admiration for the romantic gesture and others criticizing the boyfriend’s apparent lack of appreciation.

One commenter exclaimed, “If someone does this for me, it’s marriage material! I’ve never experienced such a gesture before, and it’s truly touching to see.”

This incident comes in the wake of another viral moment where a woman garnered attention for her bold public marriage proposal to her partner.

In a shopping mall setting, she went down on one knee, eagerly awaiting his response. Fortunately, her partner reciprocated the sentiment with a heartfelt acceptance, capturing the hearts of onlookers.

These contrasting stories serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of love and the diverse reactions it can evoke.

While some moments unfold seamlessly, others take unexpected turns, leaving lasting impressions on those involved and those who witness them.


@wendy_adammaaaaa said: “Some have gifts but can’t take, some want gifts but no gift, glory be to our father.”

@mr___presley wrote: “All of u will keep dating nonsense till una wise.”

@lifeofanobody001 said:“No way as a guy you should do this even if you no like the girl or the gift just swallow am do like say you want am”

@delu.luisnotthesolulu commented: “But why thookay just pretend at least you.”

@crea_myhoney said: “Atleast with this we single go laugh small now..”

@bando.larry reacted: “This public thing is very embarrassing, not every body can take all the stare and attention, know your partner first oh. No go disgrace yourself.”

@sailorojay said:


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